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To whom it may concern. Room 303 at the Ramada Plaza located at 7389 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 2w9. My stay was between the dates of June 30th departing July 5th 2019. Our vacation in Niagara was to be a celebration of my grandfather's passing on March 31st 2019 and his and my grandmother's would be 60th wedding anniversary on July 4th 2019. I took my grandmother (Madeleine **) on the trip her and my grandfather had planned on doing together prior to his unexpected fatal stroke. I arrived at the Hotel on June 30th with a sick child at approx. 1:30pm. I went to the front desk and asked if an early check in was possible. I had to leave the conversation to escort my 5 year old child to the bathroom for her to throw up.

I was aware that check in was not until 4pm and that this would be a courtesy. I was informed without any resentment to return to the desk between 3-3:30 pm. That the clerk would be given a list of rooms cleaned by the cleaning staff around this time. I informed the clerk that given my daughter's nausea I had nowhere else to go and would remain in the lobby at a booth/table. I requested that if he received the list earlier to please inform me. My grandmother and child remained there while I went to get ** nearby. Upon my return we sat waiting with easy access to the washroom.

At around 2:30 I saw a couple going upstairs with suitcases. I looked at the front desk and saw the same employee was present. About fifteen minutes later I saw a family with suitcases. I asked if they were new check ins and they said yes. Rooms were ready. I went to the desk and waited 3rd in line as people checked in ahead of me. I didn't comment to the employee but I'm sure my disappointment was obvious. We checked in sometime after 3. I was aggravated that my sick child had to wait longer than needed to be in greater comfort and privacy.

The following day July 1st we left for breakfast and left our do not disturb sign on the door. We returned to the room at approx. 10:30am, removed the do not disturb and left the hotel room by 11am. Cleaning staff was present on the floor when we left. We returned around 5pm and found our garbage, dirty towels and the mess of the room all there. With a check in time of 4pm I'm sure the 5 and a half hours between 10:30 am and 4:00 pm was sufficient time to clean our room. When I called the front desk and was politely informed our room was marked as having 'the do not disturb' sign I admitted we had the sign just till 10:30 am. I expressed that I felt the room should have been clean given the ample time but felt there was no need to escalate my complaints at that time. Clean towels were brought up for us in a timely manner.

The following day (July 1st) we returned at 3pm and our room was not cleaned. I met with the cleaning staff in the hall as she was putting her cleaning cart away and preparing to go downstairs with the laundry. I asked her if she was going to clean our room to which she replied “Do you want your room cleaned?”

I said “yes.” She replied, “Okay, I'll take your laundry first and come back up.” My grandmother and daughter both wanted to rest before the fireworks but we agreed unhappily and went down to the pool. I am certain she had no intention of ever cleaning our room and that if I had not asked our room would have been in the same state as the day before. She was after all putting her cleaning cart away in the storage beside our room and bringing down the laundry!

Between July 1st and July 3rd our 'do not disturb sign' ripped and I threw it into the garbage. I did not ask for a replacement. July 4th we left at approx. 9:30am. I returned once around noon for 5 minutes and the room was not cleaned and I did not see any cleaning staff on the floor. The whole family returned at approx. 5:00pm to again an uncleaned room. I promptly called the guest services to speak with a manager and was informed he would call me back soon. I waited 15 minutes and called again. Again I was told he would call me back soon and at the same time I requested that garbage/towel service be done so I could bath my child and my grandmother could shower.

At approx. 6:30 pm I called back down and asked to speak with the manager only to be informed he left at 5:00 pm! The clerk then recognized my voice and apologized. He told me the manager was in a meeting and that he hadn't passed on my message. He then asked for my number. I asked that the manager call my room first thing in the morning when he arrives since we are departing tomorrow and I will be driving. As I'm sure you have gathered I am extremely appalled by the staffs conduct and the poor service provided to us. 3 days that our room was uncleaned, waiting in the lobby unnecessarily for an early check in and waiting for a manager's call that never came. One of these incidents alone is fine but together they show a pattern of poor service and consideration for guests.

Added July 6th. I received no calls from anyone on July 5th. On the morning of July 6th I realized that my purple London Fog jacket and my pink child's jacket was left in the closet at the hotel. I am not surprised I didn't receive a phone call since I doubt the cleaning staff checks in the closet or if they did that I would receive a helpful call to inform me of the items. I've left a message after finding the hotel manager's number myself with no help from the front desk who've I've called countless times. ** 905-356-6116 ext **. Added July 8th. I requested three days refund and that our jackets be mailed. **: "I have the authorization to offer the complimentary stay. However, you can contact Wyndham Support at 1-800-402-9832…"

July 8th. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with the complaints department. I was informed to mail a prepaid envelope to have my jackets retrieved and that they would like to have ** resolve this matter on her own. ** would have until Friday July 12th and then at that point they would take over the matter. I received no contact from ** or Wyndham Support as of July 18th.

July 18th. Another 38 minute phone call. I've called Wyndham Support. After my phone call with Wyndham on July 8th there seems to be that they only emailed ** the report but no one personally spoke with her as I was informed would be done on July 8th. My report was emailed to her. I was just told by the customer representative at Wyndham that ** never knew that I had left a message with her front desk. I sent ** an email with all of my complaints. This means she never read my email and gave my complaint its due."


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